Jeep Gladiator (JT) Seat Delete Bundle


Estimated Production Lead Time: 6 Weeks


Much more than a seat delete, the SHW Offroad Jeep Gladiator seat replacement system brings unmatched functionality to the cab of your Gladiator. All pieces are CNC cut from a lightweight plywood imported from Spain and come finished with a Ultraliner coating.

The seat replacement system is comprised of four components; the 60% seat delete with drawer, the 40% seat delete with drawer, the middle access panel, and the upper decker window cabinet. The seat delete base and the upper cabinet can be installed on their own with the rear seats removed, but the middle access panel requires both other pieces to be installed along with it. This full replacement includes all three sections.

The Upper Decker can come equipped with 2.5" Kaizen Foam or MOLLE panels.

All SHW Seat Deletes are made in Winchester, KY and include free shipping

*Upper cabinet can be installed on its own but requires both seat sections to be removed

*Middle section requires both the upper cabinet and both seat deletes to be installed


  • Fits Jeep Gladiator

  • Two access panels per seat delete section

  • Polyurea (bedliner) coating

  • 40 minute install time, 2hr install time with upper cabinet and drawers
  • Seat delete can be used with stock back wall

  • No drilling required

Install Instructions



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